Milky Way Background

Long time since last time…

A lot has happened since the last post in 2015. This new way of thinking and working with Business Architecture is not so new anymore. We are still working with the Milky Way model, business capability map, still improving, adding layers and perspectives to it.

Four years of working, teaching and thinking has moved our understanding and experience from a focus on “managing and understanding all the parts in play med their relations to each other” to “how do we design, create a possible future based on what we want, what we have and what the world wants/needs in a sustainable way”.

This has made us more aware of the perspectives in play.

The wider view of what we need to know, understand and take in to account, more customer focus, more external drivers and the product/service perspective.

We have also explored what design is and how we can benefit from this, for us, new way of thinking.

The increased change rate thanks to the agile at scale way of work has forced us to adjust our way of work and our tools to facilitate faster feedback loops from decisions to results and back again.

The Milky Way map is still a valuable tool to us, our clients and the clients taking our architecture trainings.

In a number of posts I will give the background of the Milky Way, how the thinking has evolved and what I see in the future to come.


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