Presentation and vidoes

Presentations of Milky Ways

Here are some examples of what a Milky Way could be and how it is used. I hope these examples will give you a better understanding of the value of a model/map like the Milky Way.

A Milky Way webinar May 5th 2021 together with Milan describing the merging of the Milky Way and Enterprise Design facets

An Milky Way introduction presentation in the Intersection Group webinar (hosted by the Architecture Thinking site).

EA on speed with Enterprise Design Sprints and the Milky Way. IASA Global 24 hour Webinar on Modern EA, May 1st 2020

Link to the slides

Link to a webinar on the same topic but a few weeks later, May 20th,

A presentation from Dataföreningen 2015. (In Swedish)

A presentation from the Intersection conference in Barcelona 2017.

A presentation video from the Intersection conference in Prag 2018 with me and my colleague Cecilia Nordén.

 A presentation video of the Milky Way from 2018.

 A film from the release party for the Milky Way book in April 2018.

Some Customer Cases

TUI Nordics

Enterprise Design, Design Sprints & the Milky Way


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