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Enterprise Design and the Milky Way

After almost 8 years of working and thinking together with Milan Guenther and the others in the Enterprise Design space we have taken some clear steps towards merging the Milky Way and the Enterprise Design Facets.

The Enterprise design facets

The facets represent different perspectives of the enterprise.

Enterprise Facets

Identity – who are we and why?

This facet captures the identity of the enterprise. Who are we? Why are we acting in a certain way? What values are guiding us? And what is the purpose of our enterprise? What stories are told in our enterprise?

Experience – what is our role in people’s life?

This facet captures how we design experience for people interacting with us. The journeys of the people and the most important tasks they want to get done are starting points for the design.

Architecture – what are we capable of achieving?

The architecture facet is capturing the structures of the enterprise that make it possible to achieve the wanted outcomes, results. The business processes and the business capabilities are the building blocks of the architecture and the Enterprise ability to deliver experiences driven by the purpose .

The merged overview – the geography

The merged version of the Milky Way clearly highlightes the facets in the map. The experience is a natural part of the map since everything we are doing in the enterprise supports the delivery of experiences and value for external parties. The center of the map is where the core concepts from the purpose facets are placed. There is also a possibly to be sector specific in the purpose description.

Milky Way Webinar


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